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Where to buy an Engagement Ring?

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An engagement ring is something truly special, it’ll be her most special possession and treasure. An heirloom piece to stay in the family forever. So, you do want to make it perfect! An engagement ring tells a story about your love, your fairy tale and symbolizes your unique journey of love and devotion to each other. All of these special moments, only unique to you and your love story to each other can be represented in this significant creation and to be worn on her finger as a symbol of commitment to each other. Therefore, the choice to select the right jeweller to make this heirloom creation to bring to life has to be someone who you feel the most comfortable with and who understands your design view.

There are many jewellers, and it can feel overwhelming who to trust. Some have long years of experience, some have beautiful craftsmanship produced pieces, reputation and some have the magic flair of a beautiful design. So.. when shopping for an engagement ring, make sure you do shop around – I highly encourage you to see as many jewellers as possible – it’s like dating! You must have a family jeweller and an established relationship because jewellery is so precious, and your jeweller will be able to look after you for years to come! So, make sure not to stop at the first shop. The engagement ring is forever and also will be one of the most prized possessions she will wear, so making sure to take time and research to go with the right jeweller/ designer who you will feel most comfortable and confident with.

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Online jewellers are great, but did you know that buying a diamond online based on report doesn’t always work? I’ve seen 2 diamonds next to each other both with reports H, VS1 and one was cloudy, and the other was alright. Make sure that as much as we all love a bargain, don’t be so price driven. If I break it down to you an engagement ring with a cost of $20K over the period of 20 years will come down to less than 3$ per day! That’s crazy! That’s less than your regular cup of coffee, and how many do you have of those per day?

Local jeweller with a proven track record, or someone who has your understanding of your design expectations and design flair which you’re attracted to the most. Your local jeweller will be able to provide lots of great services to you such as rhodium plating, ring spa (yes, those beauties need to be pampered too!) cleaning and checking for any repairs the ring may need from basic wear and tear.

Good luck shopping for your special occasion – this is the best time of your life and the most nerve wrecking too which is why you want to go with someone who you feel comfortable with and who you can trust! Most of all don’t forget to have fun during this experience.

Thank you for reading this blog post and stay tuned for more to come!

Maria K